Romantic Calais Maine Wedding

July 7, 2018

This romanic Calais, Maine wedding was the farthest I’ve ever driven for a wedding. The whole day felt like an adventure as I set out on my road trip at 6am. I was so excited to finally see Courtney and Chad! These are two of the nicest humans I’ve ever met. They welcomed me into their home, and I knew instantly it was going to be a good day.

Courtney is a stylist and she did her own hair for her wedding. She looked incredible so future brides, go check her out. We met up with Chad and his groomsmen at the church, where Courtney’s gown made a jaw-dropping entrance. I loved that this church meant so much to them. Their names were even on the sign out front!

I love July weddings, with the endless sunshine and long evenings. Even after dinner, we still caught the golden hour light for portraits. We walked down by the river (and waved hello to Canada!) and these two were so smitten, they needed no instruction. We walked back to the Inn, while locals honked their car horns playfully at the newlyweds. In such a small community, it felt like the whole town was celebrating. I’m so happy for you, Courtney and Chad!

When I walked into the room and saw this beauty hanging up, I was floored. The layers of tulle, beadwork, and lace are so delicate and romantic.

Faithfully hanging out with mom while she does her hair. This handsome boy didn’t leave her side!

I love that they got a shout out!

The natural light in this church was amazing. It was so great to be able to stand anywhere and still get a good shot. Church ceremonies can be tough to photograph, but this was a dream!

This is the view from their backyard. Of course we had to take photos there!

Courtney’s bouquet is a classic. The white blooms and greenery are timeless and elegant.

These two made an impressive entrance! I thought it was real Champagne at first (I think the people sitting close by did, too!)… you should have heard the roar of the crowd when confetti exploded everywhere. It was awesome!

The sweetest first dance. I happened to be in the perfect spot when Chad spontaneously dipped Courtney for a kiss. This is why I never take my eyes off my couples!

Where else does 8pm golden hour light look like this? I’ll travel to northern Maine for you two anytime.


Beauty: Courtney James
Photography: Lex Nelson Photography
Venue: Calais Motor Inn
Videography: Everlight Media