Babies H + T | Twin Newborn Session

October 18, 2018

This twin newborn session features two of the sweetest little boys. My dear friends were blessed with SURPRISE TWINS earlier this year and are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime! Can you imagine finding out it’s twins just weeks from your due date? These boys are so loved and I’m so honored I had the chance to photograph them.┬áThese boys are going to be best buddies for life and I’m so excited to watch them grow up. Now how do I cure this serious case of baby fever??

This might be my favorite photo of all times. Is it weird that I want to hang this photo on my own wall? Maybe. I just love it.

When photographing families, the best thing parents can do is relax! Babies rarely cooperate, but don’t let that stress you out. As long as the adults can smile and roll with the punches, we will get amazing images.

Yup, definitely identical. These two are going to be trouble!